Rodrigo Borgia



I have been leading operational roles in the call center industry for the past 15 years. Now, I help operations to run smoothly, enhancing productivity, micro-learning, and challenges. 
I can support team motivation and performance management initiatives. To align the leadership team with success, I deliver LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Workshops. 


I am: A COPC Registered Coordinator: certifying operations in COPC for a Global Company; MBA and a hands-on leader.


What others say on my work: “Motivarnos allowed us to improve the performance results of the group of participants (AHT, ACW, etc.), improve the spirit of the team, the integration and also in some cases, the aspect of self-improvement. Entertainment, productivity, motivation, interest, heterogeneity, were part of an equation that resulted in a very satisfactory and innovative experience.” — LA CAJA DE AHORRO Y SEGUROS, MARCELO GRECO, CUSTOMER SERVICES MANAGERExperience

Chief Executive Officer
Gamifica Group 
Apr 2014 – Present

Head Of Business Development @ | Team motivation and performance management software
Gamifica Group
Jul 2018 – Present
Identify new prospects, alliances and opportunities to generate the business ecosystem of the application. Since the launch in 2018, I have increased operating revenue by 12.5% in the first two years of operation. team motivation and performance management software.

Chief Executive Officer
Gamifica Group
 May 2014 – Present
In my role as founder, I am responsible for the overall vision of the business. I started by understanding the gamification landscape as a working method, defining the company's products, services and processes to satisfy the target market. Once the services have been defined: Games @ Work, Motivarnos, Lego Serious Play workshops and consultancy, I am responsible for defining both commercial and operational objectives. Prior to the Covid, we have grown in billing 30% annually in the previous three years: 2019, 2018 and 2017. Since inception, I have been working with my loved clients such as VN Global BPO, MetLife, Roche, Novartis, Santander, La Caja de Ahorro y Seguros, Gerdau, Banco Coinag, Universidad de Palermo, among others.

Gamification Professor @ Human Resources
Universidad de Palermo
 Oct 2019 – Present
Gamification for HR: course definition and delivery, covering topics from how to apply gamification in Selection, Training, Wellness, Employee Experience and Engagement, Change Management.

Gamification Professor @ Internal Communications
University of Buenos Aires
 Oct 2019 – Oct 2020 (1 yr 1 mo)
Gamification for Internal Communications: course definition and delivery, covering topics from how to apply gamification in Internal Communications for enterprises, NOGs and SMB's.

Gamification Professor @ Innovation and Engagement
 Aug 2019 – Dec 2019 (5 mos)
Gamification for Innovation and Engagement: course definition and delivery, covering topics from how to apply gamification in Innovation, Strategy, Human Resources processes, Employee Experience and Engagement, Change Management.

Customer Program Manager - Global Customer Services and Support
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
 Nov 2014 – Jul 2015 (9 mos)
Job Description: As part of the Strategy & Planning organization, to re-design processes, optimize business performance and manage programs for customer services areas. Representative achievements: . To lead end-to-end programs in worldwide business units (Workforce Management - Call Center and Supply Chain organizations)

Supplier Quality Operations Manager - Global Customer Services and Support
Hewlett Packard Enterprise 
May 2012 – Oct 2014 (2 yrs 6 mos)
Job Description: To define an effective Quality Management System strategy and requirements. To ensure that our QMS is consistently implemented and verified as effective through assessments on site and off site at Internal / Outsourced Operations. To assist regional teams in developing control plans to ensure that necessary and sufficient information and analysis exists. Representative achievements: • Audited in person partners in Brazil and Europe (Poland), audited virtually partners in México, India, Philippines • Collaborated in reducing “No Contact Made” key performance indicators in 52.4% in a 4 month project; Collaborated in reducing “Troubleshooting Declined” key performance indicators in 12.6% in less than 2 month; Collaborated in reducing “Cancel per Customer” key performance indicators in 33.7% in less than 4 month • Leaded all team quarterly virtual “face-to-face” meetings for strategy setting

Sales Operation Manager - Volume Operations eCommerce
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
 Feb 2011 – Apr 2012 (1 yr 3 mos)
Job Description: To lead a team of Catalog Managers to support US and Canadian Corporate Enterprise Catalogs. To provide the simplest and best experience for customers, partners and sales by managing catalog activities in the offering-to-order (OTO) cycle across Americas Volume Direct Operations (AVDO). Headcount: 20 Catalog Managers. Representative achievements: • Increased operational SLA in 19% in less than 4 months • Reduced 30% in TAT (Turnaround Average Time) in less than 6 months. • Increased 9% in Clean SLA (process ownership from beginning to end) in 3 months. • Reduced 32% in Clean TAT (Turnaround Average Time) in less than 6 months.

Customer Solution Center Manager - Enterprise Services
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
 Dec 2006 – Jan 2011 (4 yrs 2 mos)
Job Description: To Lead C.R.M. (Customer Relationship Management) business units for clients in different industries: Personal Beauty, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Consumer Electronics, Fundraising, etc. To design and implement Strategic and Operational programs for multichannel customer contact centers. To ensure profitability while increasing customer satisfaction indexes (CSAT) and reducing operational costs. To increase incomes with up-sales and cross-sales programs. Headcount: 250 FTEs Representative achievements: • Increased the operational revenue in 15 % by deep diving in non-mandatory costs. • Increased “Employee Satisfaction” from 29.14 % Top Box to 42.54 % Top Box in one year. • Increased “First Contact Resolution” from 84.90 % to 96.29 % in less than 6 months. • Reduced attrition from 16,70 % monthly to less than the 6.00 % in less than 6 months. • Increased fast-pace operations in 400 % more full time employees in less than 5 months. • Certified the operation in the C.O.P.C. (Customer Operation Performance Center – global standard for Call Center) certification. This certification is the first that E.D.S. has achieved in South America and the second globally. • Developed Knowledge Management capability to include 4 sites (worldwide distributed) and 6 languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese) in less than 4 months • Optimized Localization and Content Creation Outsourcing Delivery to reduce the “Unit Base Productivity” from 89,8 % to 94,0 % in less than 4 months.

Universidad de Palermo
Sep 2008 – Aug 2009 (1 yr)
 Professor in the subject "Operaciones, Marketing y Diseño Integrados" ( "Operations, Marketing and Design, Integrated" ) in the Strategic Marketing Division of the Master in Business Administration (M.B.A.) Extract from Universidad de Palermo web page ( "Nuestro Programa MBA brinda la posibilidad de vivir una experiencia única y transformadora. A través de la más alta educación en management, los estudiantes y profesores conforman un ambiente estimulante que promueve el aprendizaje, el crecimiento, el desarrollo de habilidades personales, el trabajo en equipo y el network. Las clases estimulan el liderazgo, el espíritu emprendedor, la innovación, y la excelencia potenciando al máximo a cada estudiante. Los alumnos representan las mas diversas experiencias, backgrounds, perspectivas y aspiraciones. Tanto fuera como dentro del aula, se relacionan con los líderes y referentes de la comunidad empresaria global. Participan activamente de seminarios, debates, consultoría para empresas reales, intercambios internacionales con las mejores universidades del mundo y actividades de investigación que enriquecen la formación y la experiencia del MBA."

Call Center Manager
Banco Santa Fe
 Dec 1998 – Dec 2006 (8 yrs 1 mo)
 Job Description: To design and lead C.R.M. (Customer Relationship Management) business units for all banks in the same economic group (Nuevo Banco de Santa Fe, Nuevo Banco de Entre Rios, Banco de San Juan, Banco de Santa Cruz). To be P&L Responsible for all operations (Customer Support – Private Banking, Customer Support – Enterprises, Telesales, Debt Recovery, Phone & Internet Banking). To increase incomes with up-sales and cross-sales programs. Headcount: 50 FTEs Representative achievements: • Made the start up of the Call Center Business Unit in less time than planned: I optimized the original plan from six to three months. • Reduced the training time for commercial campaigns from four to one day, speeding up the “time-to-market” in 10 %. • Gained productivity in the sales area trough coaching and mentoring: the telesales team started selling one low-income insurance per day and I left that team selling 4 high-income insurances per day, including up-sales, cold callings and directed campaigns. Extract from Nuevo Banco de Santa Fe webpage ( "Somos el banco de los santafesinos: Sumamos a nuestros 133 años de trayectoria en la Provincia, nuestro compromiso con el crecimiento de la región. Conocemos a nuestra gente: Trabajamos junto a las empresas de nuestro medio, ofreciendo opciones accesibles que faciliten el desenvolvimiento de sus actividades y el desarrollo de sus proyectos. Estamos siempre cerca: Contamos con una amplia red de sucursales y cajeros automáticos propios estratégicamente localizados,que nos permiten llegar a todos los rincones de la Provincia."



Kenwin - COPC Implementation Partner
 COPC Registered Coordinator, Call Center Management
Certified in COPC Standards as Registered Coordinator, a collection of performance management systems for call center operations, customer experience management, vendor management, and procurement.

Escuela de Negocios de IDEA
Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), Business Administration
2002 – 2004
Master of Business Administration

Universidad de Belgrano
Postgraduate Call Center Management, Call Center Management
2001 – 2002

Universidad del Centro Educativo Latinoamericano
Bachelor in Business Administration, Business Administration
1993 – 2001

Licenses & certifications

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Certified Facilitator - Juego Serio™
Issued Dec 2015

Gamification - University of Pennsylvania
Issued Apr 2014
Credential ID DN42CXQDB3

Designing Gamification - Level 2 - Udemy
Issued Mar 2016
Credential ID UC-664NAA7L

Designing Gamification - Udemy
Issued May 2014
Credential ID UC-IZ9MDJAI

Microsoft Active Professional - Microsoft
Issued Apr 2014
Credential ID 8-A-4236

Zertifikat als Deutsche FremdSprache - Goethe-Institut e.V.
Issued 1990

COPC Registered Coordinator - Kenwin - COPC Implementation Partner
Issued 2008

Evivve Multiplayer Online Game-Based Learning Certification Program - Gamitar
Issued Nov 2011



Gamification  Call Center  Employee Engagement  Strategy  CRM  Outsourcing  Start-ups  Business Strategy  E-commerce  Business Intelligence

Honors & awards

Judge and Speaker at International Serious Play Awards competition - Serious Games Association
Jul 2015
Judge and Speaker at the International Serious Play Conference 2015 by Serious Games Association

Designing Gamification - Level 1 - Engagement Alliance
May 2006
Congratulations on earning your level one certification in gamified design!

Microsoft Active Professional‏ - Microsoft
Mar 2014
"El equipo de Microsoft Argentina y Uruguay quiere reconocer tu esfuerzo constante por participar activamente de nuestros programas de entrenamiento y estar en contacto con los últimos avances de nuestra tecnología durante el último año"

Judge at International Serious Play Awards competition - Serious Games Association
May 2017
Judge at the International Serious Play Conference 2015 by Serious Games Association